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I was first licensed as WA3AXV in 1964. Licensed with the then relatively new Technician class license (Tech Class was started in 1951), my test was administered by W3KKN (SK), Ernie Kenas, in Willow Grove, PA. WA3AXV joined the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (Pack Rats) in 1970. Upgraded to Advanced class in 1978. This time the test was administered by the legendary Joe Welsh (SK) of the FCC office in Philadelphia, PA. The 'vanity' call W3RJW (my initials) was obtained in 1997. I retired in 2008 after 32 years as a civilian Electrical Engineer with the U.S. Navy (NADC) and 10 years with a local TV Production RF company (Total RF). I enjoy rag chewing, chasing DX and building antennas. Churchville is a small area of Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania located about 20 miles north of Philadelphia, PA. What used to be a mostly rural area covered with farmland is now a virtual "sea of vinyl" ! Good luck and good DX.

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