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13083 Lindell Road Meadowview, VA.
United States

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  My father was a Ham in 1947 when I was born. Dr came to house to bring the new baby into the world (ME) when he spank me on the butt and I took my first breath the first thing I heard was my Father on 40M CW sending CQ, So I can say I been in the Hobby all my life. and Its not just a Hobby for me its a way of life. Retired now and 68 Years old and enjoy it even more today as I did in 1961 Keep the Call of WA4HMX for 53 years until I Got the W4DOW  Oct 2013 and Its much better on CW as I am a 30/35 WPM operator Contester, Dx'er and Full time SOTA chaser on W4V (Virginia) Stations Now All Kenwoods TS590SG and One TS570SWith Rig Control thru TRX Manager Software. Telnet to W4ML Cluster in Va.

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