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W7JET's page


1506 N 107th Place
United States

QSL via:
Bureau, Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW     On line request via

QSL manager:

My OMISS NET QSL practices:

OMISS NET contacts if you use LoTW and don't need a card let me know at the end of the contact and I will not send a card.I always upload within 24 hours of a net at a minimum but usually it is right after the net. Also eQSL's are sent as soon as the contact is logged in NetLogger.

I am good in the OMISS bureau and send in an envelope of cards to each bureau every other Monday or when there are 10 cards which ever comes first.

New OMISS members who I work on nets will get a card direct from me. I mail all direct cards within 24 hoursof the net closing. Welcome to OMISS

General QSL INFO:

I participate in eQSL (AG ) and upload LoTW. I prefer both eQSL (AG) and LoTW but will respond 100% to paper aQSL the day it is received no SASE needed. If I need you I will send you an SASE. For international (DX) contacts I willsend what ever you specify is needed for QSL. I upload daily to LoTW. I do ask that if I send you a QSL without and SASE send a reply. I think since I took the time to send you a card you should reply back. Also I send everyone I contact an eQSL and I am (AG). Please reply to the eQSL it is easy to use and set up and its free. Also set up your (AG) status for people like me who want to get the awards on eQSL the contact need to be an (AG) for it to count on eQSL for awards.

If you take the time to send me a card I will always return the card via the format I have received it Paper, eQSL andLOTW. I will always respond ASAP.

Recently I have gotten back a few SASE's un-usedin an envelope with the QSL card from the station that I sent it to with notes saying no SASE necessary. I want to say thank you very much for those who have done that.

QSL for Digital Modes:

I will eQSL and LoTW all digital QSO's. I will paper QSL by request only.

About Me:

I first got my amateur radio ticket back in 1989 in my sophomore year of high school in NJ my first call sign was KB2ICB then opted for a change to N2KAF when I got my tech ticket. As the years went by I got busy with a career change and moving and let my ticket lapse. I recently decided to get back into the hobby. I studied for and took the Tech, General and Extra.I passed all of them. When I first got my ticket in 1989 10 meters was wide open I was working stations all over the place with only 25 watts on SSB My antenna was a home made dipole. It was the coolest thing in the world for me. Now that I re discovered the hobby I am excited to get back into DXing, building antennas, electronic projects and exploring some of the new innovations that have come out in the hobby.

Currently I am a Commercial pilot with ATP AMEL COM ASEL CFI CFII& MEI in the Corporate Aviation world I also hold and Airframe and Power plant mechanics license with Inspection Authorization. I have been working in the Aviation community professionally since May 2002 when I left the Public Safety Community behind. In my Public Safety career I was an EMT in Newark NJ with UMDNJ EMS for 11 years. I worked on the ambulance as well as an dispatcher in REMCS. I was also a communications specialist with NJTF-1 USAR Team. I was part of the NJ response to the September 11th attacks. I also worked for MICCOM (regional paramedic dispatch), Mahwah and Franklin Lakes Police as a dispatcher part time. I was also a Volunteer Fire Fighter in Mahwah and Haledon NJ.

Former Calls and Clubs:


I lived in NJ up until 2002.I was a member of the 10-70 Repeater Association it was the W2PQG repeater. 146.700, 224.840, 444.150


HF RIG :TS-480SAT, back-up is my old TS-440s

AMP: Ameritron AL-811H

Antennas  65 foot folded terminated dipole,  OCF Dipole for 10 to 40m and B-Square 6m 5/8 ground plane for 6m and a J-pole for 2m.

2m/440 in the shack TYT TH-9000 on 2 Meters  In the Mobile I operate an Icom IC-207H on 2m/70cm.

HT Alinco DJ V57T dual band and an Alinco 220mhz HT.

I am also on Echolink node 684761.

Digital Modes:

I am now up and running on PSK31. I will eQSL and LoTW all digital QSO's. I will paper QSL by request only.


Superstition Amateur Radio Club WB7TJD

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