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633 N. Briegel Street
Columbia, IL 62236
United States

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I have been interested in radio since the 1970's. I was an avid shortwave listener as a teenager and while I was on active duty in the US Air Force during the 1980's. That passion fo radio finally brought me into the ham community in 1991.

I first became licensed as a Technician in October of 1991 and I was active on 2 and 6 Meters SSB. In 1994 I was awarded VUCC #648 for 50 MHz under my old callsign N9MSS. 6 Meters was truly a "Magic Band" for me and I had lots of fun chasing those Grid Squares.

I am active on HF from 80 through 10 meters.  I frequent the Corn Cob Net, Midcars, the 68 Group, the Freewheelers Net and the ARFCOM Net.

I also enjoy  working the HF digital modes.  PSK31, JT65 and RTTY are my favorite modes.

I recently joined US Air Force MARS and hold the callsign AFA5RY in the North Central Division.

I am a 33  year veteran of law enforcement and currently serve as a Deputy Sheriff for a small agency in Southwestern Illinois.

My other hobbies include computers, hunting and shooting sports.

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