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WB5UDI's page


30 S Indian Sage Circle
The Woodlands, TX
United States

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QSL manager:

I've been a ham since the early 70's. My first novice call was WN5CVU while living in New Orleans, La. Back then, you had to visit the FCC office and take the code and written tests in front of an FCC employee! I upgraded to General class and received my current callsign WB5UDI. I enjoy working HF when the bands are cooperating. My main rig, which I purchased new in 1986, is a Yaesu 757-GXII (with matching antenna tuner) to a G5RV draped in an inverted vee configuration about 25 feet above my roof. This allows me to work 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. Antenna tuners are amazing!

My QRP rig is a Ten Tec PM2A that I purchased new in 1972. It runs on 12volts DC and puts out about 2 watts CW on 80 and 40 meters. It might sound a little chirpy, but for a 45 year old rig it still gets the job done!

When 6mtrs is open, I operate my Ranger RCI-5054 6-meter rig to an M2 6meter HO Loop sitting about 8 feet high above the roof. If you hear me on 6mtrs, either SSB or FT8, remember that I am only running twenty-five (25) watts!!!

Also (July 2017) I've just gotten into the new digital mode FT8, so that's where I'm spending a lot of time having a blast enjoying this new mode.

Both my sons are amateurs. Chris (a commerical pilot) is K0CAW and Matt (a military pilot) is KD0BBB. Proud Dad!

I QSL immediately via eQSL and I also upload frequently to LOTW.

Hope to work you on the bands!

73's de Stan


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