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2302 Song Sparrow Ln
United States

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Previous License WN7BUN, KM6MXY

I received my first license WN7BUN in 1954.  Not having great code skills I didn't advance to the general.  I enlisted in the USAF in 1957 and remained in the service until 1971.  Most of my work during this period was in radio communications.  I received my 1st class commercial broadcast license with ship radar endorsement in 1965.  I provided technical support to the commercial fishing fleet out of King Salmon, AK while stationed there with the Air Force.

 After leaving the USAF I worked in computer maintenance and software until retiring in 2000.

During the summer of 2017 my interest in amateur radio returned,  I live in a adult community which has a amateur radio club. I began studying for a new license and  passed the technician and general in October 2017 and the extra in January 2018.

We live in a deed restricted community so antennas are a real challenge.  My current rig is a IC7300 with a trapped virtical antenna.  Most of my interest is in the digital modes.  I'm having some success with FT8 and JT9-JT65.

I upload all  contacts to LOTW and QRZ each day.

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