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73 Crosby Road
United States

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Been a Ham Radio Operator since I was a teenager. First call sign was KA8LJO as a Novice Class licensee in 1981. Eventually upgraded to Technician Class (1989 KB8FIR), then got my General Class license after testing at the Dayton Hamvention in 2014 and finally received my Extra Class ticket in March 2015. In May 2015, I received WT8WV as a vanity call that would include the letters "Whiskey Tango" and "Whiskey Victor" since I don't mind a taste of good whiskey, enjoy the Tango and love the state of West Virginia. (Actually, I thought it would be a very unique CONTESTING call sign that would draw a little attention during exhanges.) I'm also a member of the United States Air Force MARS (AFA3RS) and trained with them in 1991. I work at West Virginia University and manage our digital signage network on our campuses across the state. I have degrees from West Virginia University (BS Business Administration - Finance [Investments & Banking] 1981 and an MBA - Information Technology 2002). After a number of years enjoying 11 Meters as a kid in the early 1970's starting with a Realistic 23 Channel SSB CB and eventually a Cobra 40 Channel SSB CB, I got my Novice Class license in 1981 and bought my first HF rig at the old Gaithersburg Hamfest. It was a well-used Heathkit SB-102 plus the linear amplifier (that I never used). Eventually I sold it and bought a used Yaesu FT-101 EE HF rig with all the extras from a friend. I now have an Icom IC-761 in the shack. I have gone, and still go to the Dayton Hamvention on numerous occasions and love the flea market! I enjoy our local club called "The Monongalia County Wireless Association"... W8MWA... and serve as Vice President. I also write an Amateur Radio blog called, CQ de WT8WV... GraHAM's Dits & Dah's where I post on a lot topics and YouTube videos about interesting facets about Amateur Radio for our club and anyone interested in our unique hobby. I have used several 2 meter rigs for local repeater usage over the years. In the early days of packet radio I was quite active on that mode. I recently added a Yaesu System Fusion FTM-100 to my inventory and am looking forward to C4FM technologies since our Club added two new Fusion repeaters to our mountain top site facility. Parts of the hobby I enjoy are SSB DX conversations, 10 Meter ragchewing, CW, digital modes, antenna building, some contesting and kit building. I am interested in trying my hand at satellite comms in the future. (I used to manage a small television network for West Virginia University called the Interactive Video Network, mixed audio for weekly WVU sports television shows called Mountaineer Magazine for football season and Mountaineer Jammin' during basketball season, and often handled satellite uplink and downlink duties. I now manage the WVU Information Stations digital signage network. I always loved having my hands on the high tech equipment in the control rooms and learned a lot from professional engineers, producers and directors.) I put the radios away for about 12 years as I was more involved in my daughter playing basketball and fast-pitch softball from elementary through high school. Now I am getting back involved with the hobby and hope to be back online with my Icom IC-761 HF station soon. For the 2014 Field Day event I got my first taste of PSK31 and loved it! I am also a Volunteer Examiner (VE Extra) for the ARRL and W5YI and an Instructor with our club's "Monongalia Wireless Association School of Radio" to teach ham radio licensing courses and hands-on radio skills for our members and local area friends.   My blog

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