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106 Tweed Way
Harleysville, PA 19438
United States

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I was first licensed in 1968 after I took my "Novice" test proctored by N2BY, Lou Koch (SK 2003), a local ham who introduced amateur radio to me and a friend. Back in those days, you could take the novice test by mail that was administered from a local general class or higher ham who would act as a proctor, who would send in the test papers to the FCC. You were given one year to upgrade to the next class of license which I did in 1969 when I obtained my General Class ticket. I had to travel to the FCC region 2 office in Manhattan to take the test. My first rigs were Heathkits which I built. My novice rig was a HW-16 crystal controlled CW XCVR loaded into a long wire antenna followed by a HW-100 SSB rig feeding a vertical antenna when I upgraded to General.

After a 10 year hiatus from amateur radio during which I let my license lapse, I obtained my Advanced ticket in September 1989 followed by my Extra 3 weeks later. By then I had moved from Mamaroneck, NY to Fishkill, NY about 60 miles further up the Hudson Valley. I dusted off my HW-100 and sure enough it fired up after 10 years of storage in an unconditoned attic!

I upgraded to a Yaesu solid state transceiver in the early 90s and sold the HW-100 (I regret doing that now). I now have a Kenwood TS-2000, an Ameritron AL-811 Linear, and a DX-88 vertical antenna.

I like working DX as well as rag chewing.

Hope to catch you on the bands.



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