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WZ2N's page

Van Scott

567 Westside Blvd NW
United States

QSL via:
eQsl, LOTW    

QSL manager:

 I have been a ham since 1994 at age 14 originally licensed as N2WZP.  I Worked an unconfirmed 225 countries mostly CW as a general during my high school years.  Due to inattention, life, and a series of unfortunate events I lost all but a few of my original logbooks.  Life happened and I took around a 10 year break from the hobby after marriage, kids, career and a couple of moves.  On Father's Day 2015 on the suggestion of my wife I pulled out the TS430s and built a couple of dipoles.  I spent the better part of the next week straight in the shack working CW.  I emerged with nearly 100 countries worked.  I made a goal of working 1000 CW QSOs over the next year.  As it would turn out I worked nearly 1500, upgraded to Extra, started working satellites and digital modes and received the coolest callsign on the planet WZ2N.  Big year.  Three years later I'm continuing to experiment and am on the cusp of working some EME.  This is a great hobby and more fun than I can simply describe!

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