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QSL via:
Bureau, eQsl, LOTW, E-mail request, Online request, Other     On line request via

QSL manager:

Tu QSL es muy importante, asi que gustaria tenerla en físico (paper). Pero tambien acepto eQSL, ClubLog y LoTW
(LOTW es el único Válido en mi pais para licencia YV y certificación ante CONATEL). 
Recuerde su QSO es muy valiosos para mi.

Your QSL is very important, so would like to have it in physical (paper). But also accept eQSL ClubLog  and  LoTW  
(Only valid to valid
in my country for licensing and certification YV CONATEL). Remember your QSO is very valuable to me.

Remember you can use

I upload my log daily, on all platforms.


LoTW is preferred and is the fastest (and FREE) way to get a confirmation.   LoTW is accepted for DXCC, WAS, VUCC and other ARRL awards and special events, as well as CQ WPX awards.

I also use eQSL and I am Authenticity Guaranteed (AG).  eQSL is accepted for their own eAwards, CQ awards and DARC awards.

Both are unofficially supported but accepted by some other organizations for their awards (check with them).  

In venezuela ONLY valid to change category LotW or QSL paper.. 

I also upload to QRZ Logbook, supported for QRZ awards.

For direct paper QSL ok. but my postal services is very slow.

I use the bureau and I send out cards every month or two.  It takes about a year on average round trip to get a card but I have seen cards arrive via bureau in as little as 3 months.

You can make your QSL request for Direct or Bureau on the ClubLog OQRS system.


If you accept QSL cards via the bureau PLEASE say so on your Bio.

will respond to every direct card I receive directly - ie you send direct, I'll reply direct, otherwise it's via the bureau or

I don't expect any money for direct postage, if you paid to send to me then the least I can do is return the favour :-)

1 small point, if you send direct, please don't include my callsign on the envelope.  Seems to be a magnet for the not-so-nice in the postal service to open and check for money.  

My QSL policy is:

* ALL cards I receive will be answered for sure!
* I'm one of those operators who REALLY LIKES PAPER QSLs!!!
* QSLs via bureau will be answered in the same way.

  • LoTW: Preferred method. If you are not a LoTW user please set up an account and we will both save time, money and energy confirming our QSOs.
    I update my log regularly so you can have the confirmation sometimes in less than 24 hours. Try it!
I preferred LOTW . It is the best way to confirm the QSO .  It's faster, easier  ecological and free. but, I like to collect paper qsl. Welcome. 

Although I use eQSL and LoTW I still love to receive qsl cards so please send me yours

"The QSO takes a short time - The QSL card is Forever!"

Direct: P.O. B.O.X.  51.122 / Z.P. 1050  CARACAS  Venezuela


cheeky LOTW user  is the fastest way !   crying QSL Buro is OK   coolOtherwise: Direct QSL OK

¡Tarjetas de confirmación de contacto de radioescuchas son bienvenidas!

QSL Cards from Short Wave Listeners (SWL) are welcome!


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