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Become a sponsor is hosted in a commercial data center.
To support the costs and the future development and to become a sponsor contact IW1QLH

Diventa uno sponsor funziona in un data center commerciale.
Per supportare i costi ed i futuri sviluppi diventa uno sponsor contattando IW1QLH

Sample Google Analystics report:


The management expenses are quite high because the application is housed in a commercial data-center which is not free.

Today we have a virtual server dedicated to this application.
In order to increase performance and reliability is our intention to use your donations to provide the infrastructure of at least 2 servers (a database server and a web server).

Please consider making a contribution.
Support the costs and the future development! Monies donated will go to fund infrastructure.

You may contribute by credit card or PayPal, by clicking the DONATE button below:


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Welcome to W8WOT
OK1ZDJ: Just reached 54 countries worked!


  • We have 6106 users online
  • On Air users: 378
  • Registered users: 50,359
  • Unique visitors: 56,078,209
  • QSO stored: 129,271,269
  • DB size: 86182.25 MB
  • QSO/H: 1114
  • Queue size: 0

This server is hosted in a commercial data center. Support the costs and the future development!

or advise your product.

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