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Enable Facebook integration

How activate Facebook integration

1. Open -> Login -> Modify profile -> Facebook
2. Press the button "Enable Facebook integration"

How create your page on Facebook

1. Open Facebook -> Login
2. Click on "Create a page"
3. Read Facebook Page Manual
4. The page name MUST start with your callsign (p.e. IW1QLH's amatour radio page)

How open the application in Facebook

1. Open Facebook -> Login
2. In the search box type "" and select the application or click here

How add your logbook into your page

1. Open application
2. Click the link "Add to page"
3. Select your Facebook Page and click "Add Page Tab"

How configure your Facebook page tab

1. Open
2. Login
3. Press "Create the script" (menu on the right)
4. Select "Facebook page"
5. Modify the parameters in the 1st box only if it is necessary
6. Press "Save settings"

Link list page application official user group
IW1QLH's amateur radio station demo page

IW1QLH's amateur radio station demo page page official user group application

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