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Hi I'm Darren from West Wales. I have been on the radio since 1978 when I was 8 years old .Then I had my first ssb set in 1980 which was a high gain 5 radio with a sirio 5/8 vertical ,thats when I found my new hobby for life.

I continued with the radios up until I sat the novice exam in 1992 and did my cw at 12wpm as it was needed back then for the license. After that I was hooked ! I bought and sold many radios and amps over the next years .

In 1993 I managed to get my hands on a 80ft latice tilt over tower and a 3 elements beam. I also put up a 1000ft endfeed long wire antenna as I was still living at home and had all the room I needed.

In 1997 I moved to my current location where I had no room for such antennas .

I made a 107ft end fed longwire antenna which was in a L configaration with 14ft going vertically up. Then the remaining was run from my garage; which is my shack, to the roof of my house and made a 4.1 balun with a handling capacity of 1kw which is fed by coax and works perfect for all my dx. I use over 30 counterpoises and over 2KM of cable under ground for all bands from 10m to 160m. I have over my current radio set up a Yaesu FT1000mp mk5 field with matching speaker and a Yaesu FT101ZD mk3 which I have owned from new with matching speaker. Also I have a Yaesu FC902, an FC102 and an old WKS1001 for 10M.

For my mobile set up I have a KENWOOD TS50S and matching ATU with a millitary style antenna for 10M and another for 20M, which are mounted behind the cab on my pickup . I am in the middle of building a 16ft tower which folds down in the back of my truck. I have a sandpiper 7 band vertical which I am going to use portable on the truck.

I have worked many countries only using 25w up to 50w.

My other hobbies are keeping Japanese Koi Carp and boat fishing .

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