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Fatali Khan Khoyski 146A/46 Narimanov Baku

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 Hello to everybody, my name is Yavuz Tashkin. I was born 03.07.1979 in Turkey, Samsun city. I have graduated Architect faculty of the Azerbaijan State Architect and Construction University on 2002.I am married and I have 2 children. In 2006 year I started to work amateur radio programmer with B (TB6CQH) class license. Starting 2008 year, I have been continued my amateur radio programmer hobby with A (TA6AJ) class license. In 2009 year, as a matter of my job while I am living in Azerbaijan as a result of my application to official authority by the getting 4J6AJ call sign I am continuing amateur radio programmer hobby. By activating in central Baku on Echolink and APRS I am activate 24 hours as 4J6AJ-L and W 4J6AJ-3.With the antens Inverted V and Deltaloop which made in by my side, I am working actively in all amateur bands as SSB and digital modes, at the same time in CB band 27.215 fm mode as Kafkas Kartali (Caucasian Eagle) call sign

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