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5P1KZX's page

Michael Flensted

Olfert Fischers Vej
DK-9900 Frederikshavn

QSL via:
Bureau, Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW, Online request    

QSL manager:

5P1KZX is in use when running Digital modes PSK, RTTY etc.

QSL via LoTW (Day/weekly Update), eQSL.CC AG (Auto upload)

Paper QSL via Bureau or Direct (SAE) + New ICR or 2$ (inside EU) - 3$ (rest of the world)

If no SAE + New ICR or 2$/3$ when Direct - QSL will be returned via the Bureau.

IOTA EU-171 Vendsyssel-Thy Island - Danish Island Award - OZI NJ-001

Group Name: Jutland North

Group contains: Agero, Borreholm, Egholm, Fruens Holm, Fur, Hirsholmene, Jegindo, Lindholm, Livo, Mors, Tagholme, Troldholme and Vendsyssel-Thy Island - It´s the biggest and the northernmost Island in the the group with the city Skagen on the top - I live on the North-Eastern coast in the city called Frederikshavn - Here in Frederikshavn we perhaps have "The Worlds Northernmost Palm Beach".Take a look at this page for more info: - Hope to meet you there someday.

Icom 706Mk2G 35-50watt, Antenna 1: Zero-Five GP10-40, Antenna 2: G5RV optimized, AntennaTuner (If needed ): LGD AT7000, Interface: MicroHam USB3, Software: HRD+DM780

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