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Born in 1945 in Valencia, Spain. Radio amateur since 1959 and member of the URE since 1960 Insignia of merit of silver and Insignia of gold, by 57 years like member of the Union of Spanish Radio Amateurs. URE My interest in radio was in 1959 with two high school classmates. I built a self-regenerating transceiver, and we communicated in the 6-meter band. At that time in Spain did not exist as a band of amateur radio, but there was also no control by the telecommunications authorities. We used fictitious names (for example: TOLEDO, 6L6, 6V6, 813 ...) Throughout the 1950s to 1963 we went to the ether without problems, but from July 1963 began Television in Spain to use the frequencies of the TV band In 48 to 60 Mhz, reason why we emigramos to the band of 144 Mhz. Our equipment had as auto-oscillator the tube 6V6. We retained the tube by 6C6, in Europe by the double triode ECC81 that allowed to oscillate in VHF. Thus we begin to experience the two meters. Our instruments were the famous "threads of Lecher" with which we checked the wavelength. This was our wattmeter. It was a lot of fun, because when you slide a 6-volt light bulb it lit up when it coincided with a power belly, and with this and a small mathematical operation we knew the wavelength at which our equipment radiated ... Older colleagues like EA5AF and some old oms started out in two meters and in this way we were invited to prepare to get our radio license. We were between 14 and 18 years old, so we went out of the "underground". In the band of 10 meters, we used SWL indications and this allowed us to know the 27 Mhz. Those kids were already teenagers who were interested in talking, doing QRM and testing antennas. Coal microphones "steal them from the telephone booths", because Spain in the late 50's at the beginning of the 60's, there was no money, no equipment, and we only had ingenuity and a lot of desire to live ... I obtained the EA5HM license in 1964, when I turned 18. I started in AM with home equipment, 807 in the final step and antenna Hertz 1/2 wave 80 meters. I finished my studies in the School of Experts of Radio Industrial and I began my work life at the age of 20 years. I joined as a radio technician at the Spanish Hydroelectric Company and was assigned to the construction of a hydroelectric plant on the Tagus River in Extremadura. I was 3 years old and radio bands of 40 and 20 meters in AM, EA5HM / 4. At age 23, I returned to Valencia to complete my military service and when I finished, I joined Valencia again as a Telecommunications Technician in the same company, where I was until my early retirement in 2002. Paqui, my wife, and I have been married for 40 years. We have three children and eight grandchildren. At the age of 57 I started another university career and obtained a degree in Theology, later I obtained the Degree of Historical Theology. I was ordained a Permanent Deacon in 2005 and as a canonical pastoral mission, I serve the Diocesan Church as Manager of the Faculty of Theology of Valencia. I have time to do radio on weekends and during the summer. From 1990 to 2008 I was in QRT, without equipment and disconnected from the radio, but I kept my license EA5HM From 2008 to today, I have 255 confirmed countries, WAZ and WAS. My activity is CW and Digital I was very active in the years 1970 to 1985 in VHF, MS meteoric dispersion and the first lunar rebound tests we did in 1976, which surprisingly failed miserably. My godfather of VHF was EA4AO, Jesús Martín Córdoba. For three or four years we were linking daily in CW between Madrid and Valencia whose distance is 350 km. And we showed that the tropospheric propagation within the Iberian peninsula was possible and one hundred percent of safe QSOs. EA4AO was an amateur radio of the first of Spain. In 1925 he placed an advertisement in the newspaper looking for a teacher to teach him telegraphy. He hired as a teacher a soldier: "Lucas Salcedo Megardóm". He was his first student. Lucas Salcedo never got the amateur radio license. Radio amateurs of Valencia we give the title of "RADIOAFICIONADO PLATÓNICO". He was a fair and simple man, and his military dedication was of radio telegrapher, but in the Spanish civil war of 1936-39 he was in the military area that lost the war and only for that reason was condemned by the nationalistic regime of Franco to be a Officer of the army in the lowest rank: «Alferez». I was the last student to learn telegraphy from such a great teacher, so EA4AO was his first student and I was the last. Chance had joined us with Jesus Martín Córdova, EA4AO and me, EA5HM, in a great and close friendship, so he came to my wedding and then he and Marta, his wife, were the godparents of my first daughter. His XYL groomsmen were my first daughter. At present I have TS 450s that I use in my qth in Valencia and another team with linear Ts 940S in my second QTH in the field. I am working continuously in HF on JT65A, JT9 and JT10, occasionally I leave on ROS, an extraordinary platform but there are very few users. I hope, if God gives me time and good propagation, to continue making radio and serving others. Thank you for having the opportunity to interlace our antennas. 73 Dx ... Pepe EA5HM

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