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S.C. Pozzomasiello n.90 Locorotondo (BA)

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 IZ7PDX, BIOGRAPHY (English version).


I was born in Martina Franca on March 21,1973 , and since I was a child I developed an irresistible passion for the world of electronics and telecommunications.
The initial experience led me to disassemble all the electronic equipments (computers were not yet available to everyone) to understand how they worked.
When I was 10 years old I had my first radio Cb 27 MHz and this opened new horizons.
I graduated as master electrician and I studied engineering, but my interests were focused in the field of fashion photography and advertising so I lived in Milan for several years.

After so long I finally was able to take the amateur radio license and put all the experience accumulated in years of study and field research.
Several times I asked myself over the years, what was the meaning of our hobby, and if it had a certain utility!

The value that I give to the art of communicating with the radio (analogically or digital that is), is to establish a friendly contact with the world and to demonstrate correctness and a sense of ethics for our passion, which sometimes proves very useful in cases of serious natural disasters (see the recent earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy).

It is not a challenge for who possesses an expensive and highly performable station (with unlimited budget ), but the real challenge is the ability to obtain perfect performances using small investments, optimizing every detail and even developing the ability to

It is exciting to read new or old but still valid theory books that have not undergone substantial differences over the years in order to refine the design and capabilities to capitalize on the experiences of our big colleagues predecessors.

In conclusion I have found it very useful at the end of my formation as a radio amateur listening to small and large stations which have been a very constructive example to me. In spite of all the positive uses of our hobby, it often happens to listen in different frequencies many radio amateurs that demonstrate a high grade of rudeness and ignorance, but we know there is always black sheep!

I hope to connect all sooner or later!
73 Luigi D'Arcangelo IZ7PDX




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