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KB3LYB's page


4801 McKnight Road #1027
United States

QSL via:
Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW, QRZ, E-mail request, Online request    

QSL manager:

Security and Identity Management consultant. 

I collect and send QSO cards, no self addressed stamped envelope necessary. 

This is my current station. FT450D with an AT-230 Tuner and PC running Linux for logging and digital modes.

Current Equipment:

HF: FT-450D - It's a shock jumping 40 years ahead in radio tech but I'm enjoying digital modes and being able to change bands without following a "space shuttle launch" style checklist :) 

Antenna Tuner: Kenwood AT-230 - There is no better manual tuner, I love this thing. 

SWR Meter: Ten Tec TKIT 1202 Dual Band Wattmeter/SWR Meter - This is hands down the most useful kit I've ever built and it's a real shame they do not make them anymore.

Antenna: MFJ End Fed Half Wave running from my deck to a tree about 35' up.  Not perfect but it works and is almost invisible. 

Base VHF: Yaesu FT-2980 2m into a Tram 1480 mounted on my roof. I'm in a deep valley so this was the end result of a long struggle with various configurations to just be able to hit local repeaters.

Mobile: TYT TH-7800 Dual Band - It's garbage, but it works for now. 

HT: Vertex VX-150 2m - I'll replace this when it breaks, but since it's industructable I'll probably have it forever.

PC: Homebuilt PC running Mint Linux 19 with CRQLog, WSJT-X, QSSTV, and Hamlib for rig control.

Other Random Gear: 

Kenwood SP-820: It's a speaker, not much to say about it

Bencher BY-1: Still working on learning code

Signalink USB: Sound card in a box

VK5JST Antenna Analyser: The second most useful kit I've built. 

Homebrew Linear Power Supply: Your guess is as good as mine, someone gave it to me 20 years ago and it's still kicking so I'm not replacing it. 


This is my first HF Station, I assembled most of a TS-820s kit and ran it for many years. I still have the TS-820s but have passed on some of the gear to new hams.

Radio Station

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