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My Name is Wolfy ( Wolfgang ) born 15.08.1971 Constelation a Lion. Hobby´s: on first it´s the Amateur Radio and I have many fun to ride the Bike around the Land.In the Summer i go with my Fam.Sonja and my little sweethard Miryam swimming,walking,relaxe in the sun and all day´s go Inline Skating.In the Winter Time we go Skiing and to the tobogansslide and we had lot of fun with friend´s.When the Weather was not so funny we maked Puzzles very glady.

 My QTH is in West-Austria 600 km West from Vienna Member of ADL901 in BREGENZ. Club Station is OE9XRV in Bregenz. MY Locator is JN47VE QTH is Ludesch a smal Village on 550m over the sea level near big City Bludenz 60km west from Lake of Konstanz ( Bodensee ) closed to the Boarder of Germany ( DL ) Switzerland ( HB9 ) and the Principality of Liechtenstein ( HB0 )More Infos about myself  and my Family on my Homepage also my Antena System Radios QSL Collection  ect.......

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