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RA3CA OO9A 04:16FT8 
R9WG JG3LHR 04:16FT8 
DK6WH EB4DMH 04:15FT8 
AC7QO KI5BDR 04:15FT8 
ZP5DNB ZS1CF 04:15FT8 
K2GT N5HHS 04:15FT8 
K5RHD KE5AZ 04:15FT8 
K2YNY W8HOG 04:15CW 
R4CES BG8TFN 04:15FT8 
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Top users (last week)
9Y4DG Numbers of QSO1,776
9Y4DG Sum distance11,139,798
IZ8VYU Number of countries102
SQ5OQW Best QSL card5
SV1AIQ Max distance277,900
Contest (more info...)
CQ WW 160 Meter from 31 Jan 22:00
Triathlon DX (CW) from 1 Feb 00:00
Triathlon DX (SSB) from 1 Feb 08:00
BLACK SEA from 1 Feb 12:00
Triathlon DX (RTTY) from 1 Feb 16:00
Mexico RTTY Contest from 1 Feb 18:00

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