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34-701,BaoAnLi,ZhongShanQi Road,510170

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QSL manager:

My ex-callsign is BG7IHN.

If you want to exchange QSL cards with me, please don't send cards to me via bruo, because I'm not sure this method works.  

If you QSL directly to me, return postage is encouraged, but not necessary. At least, a label what has your address is helpful, it will save my time and avoid mistake. I don't need your envelope, because I need to use an envelope made by Chinese postoffice. Even you give me an envelope, I shall cut it into a label with your address and paste it on my envelope.

You can download and print my address wrote in Chinese, in the link It will be helpful to transmit exactly your letter to me.

I just QSL all QSOs of myself, so please don't send the QSL cards to other Chinese HAMs via me.

From 4 to 15 Aug 2017, I worked as B7/BD7IHN on Hai Nan island(AS-094). 1361 QSOs were recorded. 

From 13 to 19 Feb 2016, I worked as B7/BD7IHN on Nan Ao island(AS-129). 630 QSOs were recorded.

From 17 to 20 Aug 2015, I worked as B7/BD7IHN on Wailingding island(AS-129). 259 QSOs were recorded.

From 14 to 16 Aug 2015 and from 3 to 7 Oct 2016, I worked as B7/BD7IHN twice on Qi Ao island(AS-131). 45 and 385 QSOs were recorded. 

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