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PO Box 841
United States

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Hello from Cheyenne, WY,

I became interested in radio at an early age.  I was involved in SWL since grade school.  My first exposure to amateur radio was during a Jamboree on the Air with the Boy Scouts back in the early 1980s.  My interest in the hobby was put on hold for a lot of years, but I got back into it and earned my license in 2010.  My initial call sign was KD0KUU.  While I was living in Colorado I was involved in ARES and spent most of my time on VHF/UHF. 

Our home in Colorado was at a QTH that was restrictive on antennas.  After we moved back to Wyoming, my interests wandered to HF wavelengths and digital modes.  My current setup is based on a Kenwood TS-430S tied to a SignaLink.  I have a 20m half wavelength inverted Vee dipole at 20 ft and a 40m half wavelength end fed dipole at 35 ft.

My education was as an analytical chemist, but I've always enjoyed electronics and computers.  I have spent the last 25 years working for a company that develops chemical analyzers.  This has been a great fit to allow me to play with my many interests.  My day job of pulling signals out of the noise led me to the modern digital modes.  I really enjoy FT8 and JT65. 

I hope to see you on the bands.   I appreciate confirmations.  I log digital contacts here, QRZ and LoTW.   I've got printed QSL cards and would be happy to send them out.  If you send me one, I will respond. Self-Addressed Envelope please (return postage is appreciated).


Dave Cuthbert

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